John Richards

Hi, I am John, web-designer

I'm focused on crafting great web experiences. Designing and Coding have been my passion since the days I started working with computers but I found myself into web design/development since 2007. I enjoy creating beautifully designed, intuitive and functional websites.

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Position, Size, Rotation, & Corner Radius properties

12 Feb 2020 | Figma, Properties

In any design project, whatever you place an element in your frame or artboard, it will fall into a position. Position properties consist of the X-axis and Y-axis. In Figma, these are located after the Alignment...

Color Styles

25 Aug 2020 | Figma, Colors

Like Grids, Colors and Gradients can be saved as styles. This is important when it comes to reusing certain styles. Saved styles make the design process more consistent. Most designs need different colors to be used mainly for the following: backgrounds...